Helpful Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Sellers


?  Keep yard mowed and flowerbeds looking nice while house is listed

?  Add fresh mulch and colorful plants appropriate for the season

?  Add pots of flowers

?  Trim bushes and trees (mature trees need to be trimmed back enough to get a good view of the house)

?  Wash (and/or paint if needed) exterior of house

?  Clean out rain gutters

?  Repair any loose shingles

?  Wash Windows

?  Caulk Windows

?  Power Wash driveway, sidewalk, and patio

?  Power wash (of bleach wash) fence and stain or paint

?  Check for leaky faucets

?  Clean pool and service pool equipment

?  Check automatic sprinkler system to ensure it is working properly

?  Water lawn, flowerbeds and foundation


Inside - General:

?  Inspect and make necessary repairs to plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical systems

?  Wash windows

?  Dust and wipe down all woodwork, light switch plates, walls, ceiling fans, light fixtures,

?  Clean carpets, tile, vinyl

?  Make sure window furniture and coverings are all dust-free

?  De-clutter any areas that look congested. Store extra items in boxes or plastic containers and put in storage or stack neatly in garage or attic

?  Repair any obvious holes in wall, missing door stops, paint touch up, etc.


Kitchen (make it sparkle):

?  Scrub appliances and vent hood

?  De-clutter kitchen counters

?  Wash down cabinet doors and countertops (polish stained wood cabinets)

?  Scrub floor

Consider: Updating faucet



?  De-clutter (use baskets to store items you normally keep out. Store in linen closet or under counters)

?  Scrub toilet, counters, sink and tub

?  Clean grout and Re-caulk tub

?  Clean floors (or replace if needed)

?  Replace worn out toilet hardware

?  Repair dripping faucets

Consider:  Updating plumbing and lighting fixtures

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